Players Sheet
Reunion Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 5/558 yards
This long par 5 is fairly wide open but don't get caught in the bunkers on the right side of the dog leg left or you'll have a tough time on this hole.
Hole #2
Par 4/442 yards
This slightly uphill par 4 is not too tricky. Try to stay left on the fairway so you have a good view and shot at the green which is guarded by bunkers.
Hole #3
Par 3/204 yards
This tricky par 3 leaves you no room for error. You must hit it onto the green or right next to it to have any hope of a decent score. Errant shots are severely penalized as you can see from the photo.
Hole #4
Par 4/369 yards
Staying right on the fairway off the tee leaves you plenty of room for safe landing. However, it then leaves you hitting over bunkers and brings the water lurking for your shot to the green. If you can hit it over the left hand bunkers or at least stay close to the 150 yd pin you'll have a better approach shot.
Hole #5
Par 4/359 yards
Staying left on the fairway off the tee avoids the trees on the right leaving you a straight shot to the green. However, the green is guarded by bunkers and water and leaves no room for error. Good luck.
Hole #6
Par 4/395 yards
This dog leg right again has the green guarded by water and bunkers. Watch out for the bunkers on the left side of the fairway. If you can land it short of those you'll have a straight shot to the green.
Hole #7
Par 5/515 yards
This hole features dual greens split by a large bunker. The distance from the tee depends on which green the pin is placed. Off the Championship tees it's 482 to the left green and 515 to the right green. This hole has a narrower fairway than some of the other holes, but still brings water and bunkers into play midway to the green.
Hole #8
Par 3/194 yards
This isn't quite Sawgrass but similarly you must hit it over water and land it on the green to have any hope here. If you choke/shank or duff your tee shot then your ball is in the water for sure.
Hole #9
Par 4/414 yards
Stay away from the trees and then the bunkers on the right side of the fairway. A large green not as closely guarded by traps will give you a decent chance to score on this hole.
Players Sheet
Reunion Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 5/490 yards
A chance to birdie on this hole is challenged by bunkers dotting the center of the fairway and the cart path which cuts across as well. A safe tee shot landing leaves you hitting onto a large multilevel green guarded again by bunkers and water on the right.
Hole #11
Par 3/154 yards
Hit it onto the green from the tee and you're golden. Sounds easy, but of course it's not. See how an errant shot will find a bunker, water or the trees. You're better off missing long left or right into the longer cut than short into trouble.
Hole #12
Par 5/523 yards
Long and narrow. The fairway is split in half by a huge nasty ravine. Water to the left off the tees will make the high handicapper nervous, but a decent shot will avoid this hazard. It's better to miss the green short than long where thick trees and underbrush will leave you searching for your ball. Of course hitting the green is the best option :-)
Hole #13
Par 4/455 yards
A long snaking bunker on the left and tall trees on the right leave you teeing off for the middle of the fairway. However, note the steep slope of the fairway from right to left and adjust your tee shot accordinagly. The fairway is again cut across by a nasty creek ravine. But once clear your approach shot is straight forward. Don't miss long though or you'll be in thick trees. Miss your approach right and you'll bring bunkers into play.
Hole #14
Par 3/222 yards
Here comes that big ravine again. An uphill shot to the green leaves you no room for error, unless you go long into the cut past the green. High handicappers will be nervous about making it over the ravine. Low handicappers will need to judge pin placement properly in order to leave a decent chance to score since the green is long and undulating.
Hole #15
Par 4/447 yards
This hole gives you a chance to catch your breath. Plenty of landing room for your tee shot without much danger. Your shot to the tee will be over that "big ravine" again and is slightly uphill. The green is large enough that you have a good chance, but watch out for the 2 bunkers guarding short left.
Hole #16
Par 3/183 yards
Stay left off the tee will leave short shots out of trouble. Short and right will find very tall rough or bunkers. Low handicappers need to pay attention to pin placement as the green is long and placement will affect your club choice.
Hole #17
Par 4/379 yards
A chance to score with a straight but somewhat narrow fairway with a straight approach shot. 2 bunkers are short right on your approach shot, which is uphill to the green. Undulation will affect your putting when you try to close out on this one.
Hole #18
Par 5/579 yards
OK big dawgs time to drive it long on this one. The fairway is a bit downhill and narrows daramatically in places. You will then be hitting your approach shot over the cart path and a ravine to the green which is uphill and guarded by bunkers. Once on the multilevel green, the number of tiers between you and the hole will certainly affect your score.