Players Sheet
Bentwater Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 5/546 yards
A tough starting hole, this par 5 can be reached in two only under ideal conditions. Otherwise, play it safe off the tee and avoid the trouble, which is predominantly left on your drive. The crest of the hill in the fairway is about 100 yards out, lay up just short of that. You can miss right a little farther than it looks. There is a bunker to the left of this green.
Hole #2
Par 4/383 yards
Be wary of the creek that runs down the left side of the fairway on your tee shot. The tall pine that guards the right side of the fairway is still 200 yards out from the green, so you want to clear that comfortably. The hole plays downhill so a driver is not a necessity off the tee. The creek than crosses the fairway and guards the green on the right. Missing short left on dry days will often feed the ball onto the green.
Hole #3
Par 4/291 yards
If you're feeling brave, this could be one of the more memorable holes of your life. This par 4 is imminently drivable, if you're willing to flirt with the hazard that lines the entire left side. The bunker that guards 75% of this green is an inviting target if you feel pretty good about your bunker play. Otherwise, a long iron off the tee will leave you a short pitch in. This green is deeper than it looks, but keep in mind, there is a hazard behind the green as well.
Hole #4
Par 3/169 yards
The green on this straightforward par 3 slopes back to front. However, if the pin is on the back left location, the green effectively becomes the size of a quarter. There is a huge drop in the green back left, with the bunker guarding the approach in. Otherwise, it is a not so threatening hole.
Hole #5
Par 4/430 yards
A well deserved #1 handicap hole, this monster is the longest par 4, has one of the narrowest fairways, and has the smallest green. It also has a hazard that lines the entire right side, though it doglegs right, and a ravine in front of this severely two tiered green. Keep your tee shot left and be sure to take enough club on your approach to find the right tier of the green. Par here is an excellent score. Bogey is not that bad.
Hole #6
Par 4/383 yards
If you can draw the ball, this hole is ideal for you. But don't get too greedy, a hook can ruin the hole for you in a hurry. Trouble lines the entire left side, but you can't just bail out to the right either on your approach. There is a blue whale buried in this green, on the right side, and if you're caught on the other end, it is tough tough tough to negotiate.
Hole #7
Par 3/176 yards
You can't go anywhere right on this par 3. The elevated green drops off severely to the right and long of the hole. A bunker guards the left side of the green, but if you can negotiate that bunker, a hill will feed your ball back down to the green if you miss left.
Hole #8
Par 4/353 yards
This slight dogleg left, is an uphill tee shot that gives you a bit more room on the right than you see. There are two bunkers in the left rough that you want to avoid, but if you pull a drive and happen to avoid the bunkers, you will have a short pitch in.
Hole #9
Par 5/519 yards
The pond you see off the tee is really not in play so you can rip your drive. A tee shot left is preferred since that will feed back down towards the fairway off the hills. If you favor the right side off the tee, you will have to carry the pond on your second shot. The approach shot is uphill to the green, with a bunker guarding the front left. This green is deep and slopes back to front.
Players Sheet
Bentwater Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 5/560 yards
There is no need to hit driver, in fact, I suggest you avoid it, and hit a three wood or long iron short of the bunker that sits in the middle of the fairway. You then want to go down the right side of the fairway on your second shot to take the hazard on the left out of play, and give you the best angle in to the green.
Hole #11
Par 3/128 yards
Don't let the bunker in front of the green fool you on this simple par 3. This hole plays a half club to full club shorter than the yardage reads. Don't miss left, the hazard comes up quick on that side.
Hole #12
Par 4/418 yards
You need a long tee shot to crest the hill on this difficult par 4. If you hit it 250 or further, you can take advantage of the slope past the crest, and have a mid to short iron in. The fairway tends to slope left, which is good because the best angle in is from the left.
Hole #13
Par 4/355 yards
Left, left, left is the best advice on this short par 4. The entire layout of the hole slopes a bit right, which is bad, since there is a hazard all the way down the right side. Even on the green, bunkers and a hazard await you if you miss right. A large hill to the left can bail you out if you miss left.
Hole #14
Par 5/507 yards
A fun par 5, this hole reachable in two if you can place a drive about 250 anywhere in the fairway. You can see this entire downhill hole from the tee, but you can't see the trouble that awaits you if you miss the fairway left or right, so accuracy is more a premium than distance. If you can't reach in two, lay back to around 125 so you will have a flat lie on your approach. There is a creek that cuts in front of the green and then curls to the right of it. The bunker on the left is to be avoided, though it is better than missing this green to the right.
Hole #15
Par 4/343 yards
Aim just left of the 150 yard stake on this short par 4. Keeping it left is more important than distance, though driver isn't necessarily a bad pick. You cannot miss this green on any side and have a very good chance of saving par. There is a bunker on the left of the green, but that is better than missing on any other side.
Hole #16
Par 3/175 yards
The bunker in front of the green is intimidating, but the green is quite deep, so take plenty of club and putt it back to the hole if need be. The creek in front of the green should not come into play. There is a bunker long left which would be good to avoid.
Hole #17
Par 4/403 yards
Keep your drive to the left, but keep in mind that out of bounds is just left of the cart path. Still, the ball tends to feed right and there is nothing but trouble right. It is possible to carry the two fairway bunkers with a well-struck drive, but why risk it? The green slopes back to front, try to keep your approach below the hole. There is a bunker short right of the green.
Hole #18
Par 4/378 yards
Do not hit your driver to this fairly narrow fairway. Anything left of the 150 stake could feed off the fairway, and possibly across the cart path into the hazard. Of course, too far right will end up in the fairway bunker or worse, out of bounds. Your approach has to carry a small pond in front of the green. This green slopes back to front, and is large, so choose your approach iron carefully.