Players Sheet
BridgeMill Athletic Club

Hole #1
Par 4/331 yards
A rather short, straightforward direct, hole to get you off and running. This hole is relatively easy, but don't get to lax. There is one fairway bunker to concern your drive.
Hole #2
Par 4/357 yards
Think hard before pulling out your driver here. Long and/or right will mean drop and reload due to the water. The green juts out into the water and has two ties so your short approach shot must be accurate. If you miss, miss left, the mound will often feed the ball down onto the green.
Hole #3
Par 4/342 yards
This hole is rather short, but it is all up hill. Your drive must be accurate because both side of the hole slope away into trouble if you miss the fairway. There are bunkers guarding this two tiered green.
Hole #4
Par 5/520 yards
The first part of this par 5 plays uphill, and placement is more important than distance. This hole bends slightly to the right and staying on the left side of the fairway on shots 1 and 2 give you the best angle into the green.
Hole #5
Par 3/206 yards
This hole is long and difficult. If you are going to miss, miss right. The hill might not reward you, but it will save you. A really pretty hole, a really dangerous one too.
Hole #6
Par 4/397 yards
The closer you drive to the two fairway bunkers, which bring the trees on the left into play, the better your chance for a good second shot. A drive over the hump can pick up some good roll. The second shot is downhill and the green slpes slightly left to right and back to front.
Hole #7
Par 4/401 yards
This hole plays longer than you think. The drive is downhill somewhat, with two distinct tiers for your ball to settle in, but the approach is all uphill. Guarded by bunkers on both sides, the shot must come in soft to hold the green.
Hole #8
Par 3/160 yards
Take one less club because the shot is all downhill. Hitting the green does not guarantee a par here, especially if the pin is tucked on either end of the green. This green is wide with some subtle but dangerous slope.
Hole #9
Par 5/572 yards
This is a three shot hole, and three very long shots at that. Try to keep the ball on the right side if the fairway for the approach. The green has two tiers, and is not wide, but is pretty long.
Players Sheet
BridgeMill Athletic Club

Hole #10
Par 4/417 yards
The widest fairway on the golf course, but it is slightly uphill and distance does matter here. Watch out for the bunker at the top of the landing area to the right. Your second shot needs to be hit straight, the green is elevated and drops off to both the left and right.
Hole #11
Par 4/308 yards
Under favorable conditions, driving this green is possible. Any well hit wood will leave you with a good birdie opportunity. If you are going to miss on your tee shot, miss to the right. The hill will kick your ball back down onto the fairway.
Hole #12
Par 3/179 yards
Pin placement means everything on this hole, with either left or right making the hole play tough, center cut is much easier. Missing the green means a world of trouble on almost any side.
Hole #13
Par 5/541 yards
A real challenge of a hole. The first part of the hole is downhill and tight. Even a well struck drive will leave you a tough decision, do you try to clear the creek or not? The green has a bunker front right and behind it, so be careful on your approach. Par is a good score here.
Hole #14
Par 4/414 yards
A drive on the right side of the fairway will be the best. Left leaves you a wall and a tree to contend with. A back pin placement is the toughest.
Hole #15
Par 4/374 yards
This short par four wanders up and down and ends in a slightly plateau'd green. There are no sand bunkers here and the green is wide open to the right.
Hole #16
Par 3/182 yards
Wow! Take the famous #17 at Sawgrass, make it longer and guard the green with bunkers...and here it is. Even the coloring in the water gives this hole a more majestic setting. A great great hole. Oh, aim for the fat of the green.
Hole #17
Par 4/376 yards
A quirky hole. Driver may not be the best call here, and hitting it left certainly is a mistake. The center or right center of the fairway is the best place to be. The green is diagnol in shape and has three tiers so guage your distance carefully.
Hole #18
Par 5/553 yards
A great finishing hole. Probably not too many 3's here, but 4's, 5's and much higher will settle a lot of matches. Your tee shot should stay center left for the best second shot angle. Your approach to the green needs to hit soft to hold this well guarded pin. Real trouble is on the right, all the way down.