Players Sheet
Towne Lake Hills Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 4/375 yards
A short-medium par 4. A right to left draw is idea for this hole. If you fade/slice off the tee, beware of the fairway bunker on the's a killer. This green is two-tiered and if you're on the wrong one, woe is you. Pick your approach club carefully. This green, like all the greens here, is very slick and fast.
Hole #2
Par 5/534 yards
Survive this long, narrow par 5, you can have a good score. 8s, 9s, even higher are not that uncommon. Left off the tee is dead, so is right off the tee. I'm talking real dead, o.b. type dead. Anything straight is good. Regardless of how long you hit it, it's best to play this as a three shot hole. Lay-up to around 100-125 yds area of fairway to hit from for the approach. This is a three-tiered green, the likes of which you may have never seen. You have to hit the right tier...oh, and there's water front and left, bunker on the right. Good luck...and have an extra ball ready.
Hole #3
Par 4/436 yards
A medium-long par 4. One of 4 make-or-break holes on the course. (Hole #2 was the first) It is a slight dogleg right, but don't try to play your fade. Missing right off the tee hits a hill that feeds into serious problems. Trees and o.b. type problems. Best to hit to middle of fairway and use middle irons to reach green. Green slopes back to front, do your best to hit it below the hole.
Hole #4
Par 3/173 yards
A short, scenic par 3. Hit the green, should be easy par. But water on the right is scary and avoiding the water can cause pulls to the left..which is a bunker and two big swales that make up and down for par real, real tough.
Hole #5
Par 5/505 yards
Short but tricky par 5. Ever watch the Masters? Think of hole #10, the long par 4. Now add a few yards and call it a par 5. This is it. Hit a nice long, draw off the tee, reaching in two is pretty easy. If you can't do that...hit a long iron to the flat spot out front. Laying up is not a bad call here. Trees on both sides of the fairway will gobble up any wayward shots, so be confident before you choose your strategy. Missing short on your approach is the best miss...long, left, or right means a penalty stroke and a drop.
Hole #6
Par 4/408 yards
A long, tough par 4. Remember those make or break holes? Here is #3. It's a doozy. Your tee shot has to be long and straight. Again, either too far left or too far right is out of play. If you always slice, don't hit your driver. Play it as a par 5 if you have'll thank me in the end. Your approach shot has to carry a diaboical ravine. Folks, this hole can eat your lunch in a bad way...bogey isn't bad here.
Hole #7
Par 3/164 yards
A medium length par 3. The hole plays slightly downhill, but don't underestimate your club here. Your only real trouble is on the right (unless you duff it into the gulch in front of the tee!). Quick green which slopes back to front. Two points of interest. Check out the deck on the house sitting behind the hole...and the flagstick is the longest you've ever seen.
Hole #8
Par 4/410 yards
A tough par 4. Your drive has to carry not only water, but deep swales that bury you if you get caught in them. Your approach has is all uphill, with a bunker front left and a big fallout area on the right. Do not go right!
Hole #9
Par 4/379 yards
A short par 4. For all of you who fade the ball, here's your hole. Hit a driver or 3 wood off the tee on this downhill dogleg right hole. Your approach is pretty simple too except if you yank it left, then you're dead. This green is tricky, two tiers and slopes back to front.
Players Sheet
Towne Lake Hills Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 5/531 yards
Straight away par 5. Obvious statement, don't go right. The ravine in front of the tee extends all the way down the right side. Your tee shot should stay middle left if possible. You have twenty yards to the right of the fairway trap for big hitters, otherwise, hit short of it, hit a middle iron second shot, and use a wedge or nine iron into the green. For your tee shot and approach shot, left is better, for your second shot...right is better than left.
Hole #11
Par 4/333 yards
Don't let your ego write checks your swing can't cash on this short par 4. If you play this hole for 4, you will probably make 4. If you play it for 3, you might make 7! Big hitters have a real advantage here cause carrying the ravine isn't tough. But a mis-hit of any type, a slight pull or big slice means you are out a golf ball and a whole bunch of strokes. The green is also tough with lots of undulations.
Hole #12
Par 3/202 yards
Toughest par 3 on the course. The most obvious obstacle you see is the bunker that guards the front right of the green. There are small swales on the left side of the green that might kick your ball on if you hit them, so missing left isn't so bad.
Hole #13
Par 4/457 yards
Remember those do or die 4 holes. Here is the fourth. This is a long par 4 that makes you drive it out of a chute to a fairway that slopes right. The approach is to a small green with bunkers front, left, and right with o.b. just right of that bunker, and more trouble behind the green. Aim left of the green, there is a slight hill that might kick your ball the right way. Right of the green is bunkered at best.
Hole #14
Par 3/143 yards
Easy par 3. Hit a short iron to this cake par 3. The huge ravine tells you not to be short, but trust me that the hole plays 5-10 yards shorter than you think.
Hole #15
Par 4/348 yards
Short par 4. Hit a drive anywhere on top of the hill, and you have a short iron into this green. Do your best to stay right, as anything left feeds more left which has your only real trouble on this hole.
Hole #16
Par 4/418 yards
A medium length par 4. It's downhill all the way. Drive near the bunkers on the left, but not too far left or your approach is blind. Whatever distance you have to the pin, go one club less. The hole plays shorter..and the green slopes away from you. Trouble is long and to the right.
Hole #17
Par 4/381 yards
A short par 4. Here is where you need a good drive. Get it to the top of the hill, and you have an easy short iron. If you don't make the hill, it's a blind shot to a dangerous green. Check the pin placement carefully cause this is a wide but short green. Safest shot is to miss a little right, and let the hill kick it onto the green.
Hole #18
Par 5/559 yards
A tricky but true risk-reward hole. Keep your drive left since everything slopes right towards a ravine. If you are playing blue tees (or whites) a long 260yd+ drive will leave you in good position to go for it in two. Otherwise, layup on the left side of the ravine and have a short iron approach in.