Players Sheet
Fox Creek Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 4/367 yards
Med. par 4 - Tee shots that stay middle/left tend to work the best here. Golfers often get in trouble by finding the trees and the swales off to the far right.
Hole #2
Par 3/156 yards
Med par 3 - A high shot that moves a slight right to left is ideal here. The bunkers that front the green make running a shot up difficult, but not impossible. The green has two tiers and a pin on the right side is the most difficult spot to get to.
Hole #3
Par 4/271 yards
Short par 4 - If you have confidence in your driver, rip it a little left and watch the ball trickle onto the green. Even a mid iron off the tee will leave you a wedge in. The green is two tiered so regardless of how you arrive, be wary of the pin placement.
Hole #4
Par 3/194 yards
Long par 3 - The toughest hole on the course, by far. No real bailout area to miss on, though missing left will at least keep your ball in play. Right is o.b. all the way down. Green slopes back to front.
Hole #5
Par 3/163 yards
Med. par 3 - Club down for this downhill par 3. Do not miss long or right as the mounds and trees will prevent any reasonable chance at saving par.
Hole #6
Par 4/367 yards
Med. par 4 - Hit your tee shot to the middle/right of the fairway. Missing left can leave you a tough angle in where you will deal with trees and a bunker that fronts the green. Do not miss too far right, or more trees will hinder you.
Hole #7
Par 3/153 yards
Med. par 3 - This hole plays a club shorter than the distance says. There is water in front of the green that you cannot see off the tee so don't miss short.
Hole #8
Par 3/176 yards
Med par 3 - This hole is one of the tougher holes on the course. A long/mid iron should get you on, and missing short is the best place to miss. Right can really put you in trouble.
Hole #9
Par 4/303 yards
Short par 4 - This is a pretty wide fairway and anywhere on it leaves a pretty simple approach shot in. This is a wide green and your approach should find the right portion of the green. A bunker threatens front right of the green.
Players Sheet
Fox Creek Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 3/142 yards
Med. par 3 - The bunker in the front left of the green is your only real trouble. The hole plays downhill so take one less club. Missing the green will make par very difficult since the ball will feed away into difficult areas.
Hole #11
Par 4/340 yards
Med. par 4 - The ideal tee shot is one the will find the left half of the fairway. This leaves the best angle in to the green. Right can be very difficult to hit from.
Hole #12
Par 3/99 yards
short par 3 - Short and easy. But, don't be too short. The bunker in front of the green is very hard to get up and down from and the green has a severe slope that causes any ball on the extreme front of the green to roll back off. There is also another bunker to the right.
Hole #13
Par 3/155 yards
Med. par 3 - A tough green to hit, with a sharp dropoff to the left. Missing short is your best miss here.
Hole #14
Par 4/277 yards
Short par 4 - A long iron will leave you a simple approach to this elevated green. The trees on both sides of this fairway pose obvious trouble for those who hit wild tee shots.
Hole #15
Par 3/136 yards
Short par 3 - A tough hole. Two bunkers protect the front of the green. A severe drop off behind the green and to the left of the green make shots there a big problem. Hit your ball high to make it stop quick on this shallow but wide green.
Hole #16
Par 4/292 yards
Med. par 4 - A tee shot that hugs the right side of the fairway is best. Anything that stays on top of the hill will give you a good lie for a short, simple approach.
Hole #17
Par 3/151 yards
Med par 3 - The green has three tiers and is long so pick your distance club carefully. Missing left can be quite hazardous, as is missing long.
Hole #18
Par 3/118 yards
Short par 3 - A nice wedge/9 iron should be all you need here. Missing long or left will cause your ball to feed away from the green