Players Sheet
Cobblestone Golf Course

Hole #1
Par 5/526 yards
A large slope protects you on the right as most balls hit there tend to kick back into the fairway. Conversely, going left can cause problems due to hills and slopes that will block where you want to hit your second shot. There is a tough bunker right of the green but you have to keep your second shot right to avoid fairway bunkers. Par is a good score here.
Hole #2
Par 4/472 yards
From the "If you thought our first hole was tough..." dept. Here is the toughest hole on the course. Your drive has to stay right to stay in play, but has to be left enough to have a clear shot at the green. A long draw works well here. Your approach has to avoid a bunker to the left, a huge boulder guarding the front of the green, and mounds to the right. The green has quite a bit of undulation.
Hole #3
Par 3/197 yards
Two seperate tee positions for this hole. The one beside #2 green is self-explanatory, hard as #$@$#. Water everywhere, ang long. The other tee box (across the bridge) is the usual one. Don't miss this green left, there is a tough bunker there. Don't be short, there is a lake and a bunker there. Don't miss right, there is a bunker and more water. Don't miss long, there is hazard and water. Oh, and the green is long and full of breaks. Other than that, this is an easy hole (ha ha).
Hole #4
Par 4/313 yards
Finally, a breather of a hole. But play it smart. DO NOT hit driver here. Alot of people will see the distance of the hole and want to cut off as much as they can. In a word, don't. Hit a medium to long iron to clear the water off the tee. Missing right is a tough bunker, and that is your best case scenario. If you are in the fairway, you will not have more than 125-150 yards in. Usually even less. The toughest pin spot is up front so you have to stop your approach quick.
Hole #5
Par 3/157 yards
Another relatively easy hole. A short iron is all that is needed here, but be precise. Missing in any direction basically assures you of a bogey. Three bunkers, and a large waste area guard this green. In fact, missing on the wrong section of the green can often guarantee bogey due to it's kidney shape.
Hole #6
Par 4/403 yards
This hole can be very easy or impossible, your drive means everything here. Do not, I repeat, do not miss left. Missing right isn't good either, but left is real bad. If your drive is straight but doesn't clear the first mound to get near the 150yd stake, don't worry. You should still have a relatively easy shot in.
Hole #7
Par 5/523 yards
The risk/reward of going for this green in two is lopsided in favor of playing it safe. Hit your drive anywhere in the fairway, and you'll be in great position. Both left and right have trees, though left has mounds that might stop your ball, and right has trees that often keep it from going o.b. Hit a short iron to the zone in front of the creek. The creek, the deep bunkers, and the L shaped green are why you should lay-up on the hole.
Hole #8
Par 3/240 yards
Toughest par 3 on the course. I've seen everything hit on this hole, from 4 iron to driver. Don't be embarrassed about what you hit here, the bottom line, if you can hit the green, do it. The two bunkers on the right catch alot of errant shots, and the bailout area on the left is tough due to the thick rough there. Huge swale in the middle of the green make 3 putts a definite risk.
Hole #9
Par 5/570 yards
Your drive is very important here, so don't be heroic. Anywhere on the fairway is fine. Left tends to be better, but too far left and you are in trouble. Mounds on the right can help if you don't overshoot them, else they can bury you. Your second shot is all downhill. Hit a medium/long iron to get the ball to 100-125 yds out. Do not try to hit any further or you risk being in some difficult bunkers. There is a big swale to the right of the green so be wary on your approach.
Players Sheet
Cobblestone Golf Course

Hole #10
Par 4/398 yards
Good scoring hole. If you miss, miss a little right. Left puts you in trees and rough with no shot into the green. Right (as long as it isn't too far right) at least gives you a shot in. Bunkers front, and front/right of the green.
Hole #11
Par 4/436 yards
This hole was originally designed to be a par 5, and 95% of golfers should probably play it as a par 5. Your drive cannot miss right, or you are in the weeds/lake. Missing left is all trees, thick rough, and tall mounds. The green has a bunker front/left, and large mounds behind. (There is a portion of the green which is connected to the green for #18) Anywhere to the right of the green (and the last 150 yards of the hole in fact) is Lake Acworth. If you decide to lay up with your second shot and go for the green in3, you will score better 90% of the time. Trust me.
Hole #12
Par 4/422 yards
The drive here is deceiving. You immediately see the long fairway bunker on the right and want to avoid it, so often you will pull it left. Big mistake. A hill and a tree make going left on this wide fairway virtually impossible to hit the green and brings o.b. right into play if you try. Middle to right fairway position is preferred. Even being in the bunker leaves you a wide open shot towards the green. Take an extra club on your approach, it's more up hill than it appears.
Hole #13
Par 3/209 yards
The water in front of you and the bunker to the left pose obvious problems. There is a deep swale to the right of the green, but's it's not too tough to chip on from there, and it is certainly better than being left.
Hole #14
Par 4/461 yards
The fairway is deceiving in that it is not as wide as it appears. Missing left can leave your approach shot blocked out. Otherwise, the hole sets up pretty striaight forward in front of you.
Hole #15
Par 5/542 yards
Play it safe and go for the green in 3. A drive kept well left will avoid the deep swale to the right of the fairway. A second shot with a middle iron will avoid the bunkers on the left of the fairway. The green is well protected by bunkers and the lake, but a short iron approach should have no problem holding this large green.
Hole #16
Par 3/133 yards
Hit the green or forget par. Water in front, water to the left, water behind the hole. To the right are two deep bunkers that often lead to shots going into the that water left, or short, or behind. This green has three tiers, with the back tier being extremely hard to two putt to if you're short on your approach.
Hole #17
Par 4/316 yards
Possible 2, possible 6. The temptation is to hit your driver and be a underhanded toss to the green. If you can keep your driver as straight as a bullet, sure, go ahead. Otherwide, hit a long iron to this wide fairway and hit an easy approach. This green is well guarded by bunkers, huge rocks, and Lake Acworth.
Hole #18
Par 4/441 yards
If there is a tougher finishing hole in Atlanta, I haven't seen it. Your drive has to be long to even have a shot at reaching this green in two. But be accurate also, the bunker to the right of the fairway is unforgiving. Oh, if you go too far left, you are hitting a blind approach thanks to the weeds of the lake. Any farther left of that, you are out of play. Missing the green to the right is a pot bunker and a large swale with real thick rough. Missing anywhere left is Lake Acworth. Bogeys are okay here, pars are phenomenol.