Players Sheet
Ashton Hills Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 4/365 yards
A pretty simple par 4 to start you off. Donít be afraid to hit an iron off this tee, though a well struck drive will run a long ways on this fairway. Regardless, you will not have too far in to reach this green. It slopes back to front so try to stay below the hole.
Hole #2
Par 4/439 yards
After the long, long, long trek between holes 1 and 2, catch your breath so you can hit the needed good drive on this long par 4. The tee shot is uphill and the middle left side of the fairway is best. Your approach should stay left since it all feeds down to the right. The grass swale to the right of the green is tough to get up and down from.
Hole #3
Par 4/385 yards
A good drive on this par 4 better not be too good cause if the conditions allow it, the ball could roll into a small pond fronting this green. Anything that reaches the horizon of the hill will leave you a short iron into this wide, wide, wide green. If you miss too far right on your approach, go ahead and sink the putt on #4.
Hole #4
Par 3/171 yards
This par 3 is a unique tee box that horseshoes around the lake that will give you a tee shot anywhere between 120 Ė 200 yards and a green that slopes right to left. Where ever the tees are, keep your ball to the right of the green. All the trouble is short and left, so be careful in club selection and alignment. Play this hole safe for a number of reasons. Itís too easy a hole for a big number, and you might very well get a big number on the next hole.
Hole #5
Par 4/463 yards
This might be the hardest hole in Georgia. Iíve only seen this hole played well once, and it was from the white tees in a scramble format. From the blue tees, Iíve seen a par made once Ė by a golf professional. Double bogeys and even worse have been the usual fare. My best advice, hit an iron off the tee and play this hole as a par 5. Aim for the middle of this green and putt to the corners. A 5 will win this hole more often than not in your group.
Hole #6
Par 5/498 yards
A fairly easy par 5 that provides you a chance to redeem yourself after that hellish hole #5. A long drive down the right middle of the fairway gives you an excellent chance to get home in two. If not, three conservative shots will give you a good birdie chance. Some tough bunkers around this green, but not impossible to get up and down from. The hole slopes right to left and so does the green.
Hole #7
Par 3/239 yards
A long par 3 that plays to a very tough green to hold. Depending on the pin position, you have to hit that area of the green. One of the biggest hills on a green Iíve ever seen, a downhill putt to a pin in the middle is impossible to get close, maybe tough to keep on the green.
Hole #8
Par 4/383 yards
A tee shot of medium length ( a long iron or fairway wood should do the job for most players) down the left hand side should feed down into perfect approach position. You carry two creeks on this hole, one off the tee and one on your approach. Neither should come into play unless you hit horrific shots. The green is not deep but very wide, and slopes pretty hard back to front.
Hole #9
Par 5/518 yards
A tee shot on this par 5 that reaches the horizon of the hill gives you a great opportunity to go for the green on this short par 5. Even if you canít get there, a lay-up to the right of the green should give you a fairly easy approach in. This green has some severe tiers so gauge your approach carefully and try to avoid a downhill putt.
Players Sheet
Ashton Hills Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 5/492 yards
Another short par 5 but donít hit driver off the tee. The fairway falls away just after the horizon and a creek swallows up well hit drives. Itís kind of obvious, but the hole slopes right to left and there is lots of trouble left. The green slopes right to left and back to front. Missing short left is deadly due to a deep bunker or even worse, a hazard.
Hole #11
Par 4/365 yards
The temptation on this par 4 is to keep the ball right and let it feed off the hill into the fairway. That is fine..but a tee shot that runs a little left is okay, even if it disappears off the fairway. The swale on the left side of the fairway is flat and provides a good angle into this green which has a tier in the middle and slopes from back to front and right to left.
Hole #12
Par 3/195 yards
A simple option on this par 3 that they call Sunburst. Either you are on this green or youíre off of it. Off of it usually means in a bunker. One of the more photographed holes in Atlanta, this par 3 is not that hard. More often than not, people tend to not take enough club. Even though itís downhill, play it to itís posted yardage
Hole #13
Par 4/342 yards
If conditions are ripe, this hole could be one of the most memorable you ever play. The conservative play is to hit an iron off the tee and have a mid to short iron in. The aggressive play is to whale away with your driver, let it clear the creek and run up the small slope to the green. Iíve seen it done. Either way you do it, anything higher than 4 should be a big disappointment.
Hole #14
Par 4/442 yards
This long par 4 plays much shorter if you can send your drive down the right side, skirting the two bunkers and catching the hill to propel your ball forward. The green is long and narrow and pin location can make a two club difference.
Hole #15
Par 3/219 yards
A very tough par 3. This hole is all carry with absolutely no room to miss. Short is in the drink, left is in the woods, right is in the woods, and long is more trouble. The green has a severe slope back to front. Iíve seen putts to a back pin go off the green, slide off the hill and roll back close to the pin. Iíve also seen more double bogeys on this hole than pars so take bogey proudly if you have to. This is a scary hole and not just because of the challenge. I think the little hut in the front of the green is haunted. Seriously.
Hole #16
Par 4/448 yards
Another long par 4, this hole is best approached from the right middle of the fairway. A tee shot on the right tends to roll farther also. The green slopes pretty hard back to front so a pin up close is tough to get close to.
Hole #17
Par 5/523 yards
The designer calls this the most challenging par 5 on the course, but the course rates it the #16 handicap. Go figure. Anyways, your tee shot must not be too far or too right or it will find trees or water. Iíve hit into the water before, but also made birdie after doing so. The green is imminently reachable, particularly a long iron shot that runs up to the green. A bunker surrounds the entire green so errant approaches usually will end up in sand. Playing this hole as a three shot par 5 will more often than not yield no worse than a par.
Hole #18
Par 4/419 yards
The toughest thing about this par 4 is the green and the area surrounding the green. A tee shot on the right half of the fairway will provide you the best angle in. The green slopes right to left, so if possible, keep your ball a little right of the pin for the most makeable putt.