Players Sheet
White Columns Country Club

Hole #1
Par 4/412 yards
The ideal tee shot should be played down the left center of the fairway. Attempt to place your approach to the center of the green because of the five severe drop offs located around the perimeter of the green.
Hole #2
Par 3/198 yards
The more lofty your tee shot is the better into the big green well guarded on the right by a bunker and a creek.
Hole #3
Par 4/349 yards
Split the bunkers with your drive and you will have a short iron approach to the green. Club selection on your approach is important because this is the largest green on the course and there is a severe slope that divides the green front to back.
Hole #4
Par 4/421 yards
This monstrous par 4 usually plays into the wind, so hit it low to the left side of the fairway. After a good drive, you will still have along shot to a green that angles left to right with a tier in front and grass bunkers on the right. A 4 is a good score on this hole.
Hole #5
Par 4/353 yards
This is your first real birdie opportunity. A right to left tee shot will leave a short shot to the green. The green is relatively flat with a tier that divides it left and right. Try to be on the proper tier!!
Hole #6
Par 5/503 yards
After a succession of dogleg par fours, you can let it rip here. This hole can be reached in two. The ideal second shot placement is to the left of the fairway bunker. Be sure not to leave your approach shot short or it will catch the false front and roll back off the green.
Hole #7
Par 4/327 yards
Don't let the fairway bunker intimidate you. A solid tee shot will carry it leaving you with a short iron to a wide green that slopes from back to front. A definite birdie opportunity.
Hole #8
Par 3/145 yards
Check the wind before selecting your club. The ideal shot lands ten feet short of the hole and trickles to the flagstick. The green generally runs right to left. Beware of the bunkers and the creek left of the green.
Hole #9
Par 5/567 yards
A definite 3-shot par 5 if you hit 3 good shots! Hit the drive down the left center to provide a wider angle for you second shot. The third shot demands perfect club selection, especially if the flagstick is positioned on the upper shelf in the back right corner of the green.
Players Sheet
White Columns Country Club

Hole #10
Par 4/365 yards
The tee shot obviously calls for distance and accuracy to set up a medium or short shot to the green. Playing safe to the right side of the fairway will avoid the bunkers. Avoid the left side of the green that funnels balls into the bunker.
Hole #11
Par 4/344 yards
Your tee shot needs to avoid the bunkers, on the right, leaving a short to medium iron to a large green. if the flagstick is on the right, do not get to greedy or else the ball will roll of the green and possibly down the bank.
Hole #12
Par 3/174 yards
A championship style par 3. Beware of the greenside bunkers, striking a mid to long iron into the big, flat green. Better short then long. Behind this green makes for a difficult up and down.
Hole #13
Par 5/552 yards
A generous fairway allows you to hit it hard for a possible chance to reach the green in two shots. A layup on your second shot should be down the right side, leaving a short iron to the very large green that is divided down the middle by a subtle ridge. Leaving you approach shot short rather than long is better because of the difficult bunkers behind the green.
Hole #14
Par 4/375 yards
Aim at the one hardwood tree beyond the right bunkers to avoid the creek on the left. This will leave you with a medium length shot to a green that slopes from back to front. Club selection on your approach is important.
Hole #15
Par 4/330 yards
Your goal here is to hit a straight tee shot. Leaving your driver in the bag may be smart. The second shot from the fairway bunker over the water is only 100 yards or so. Be below the flagstick with your approach shot as trouble looms back, right and left.
Hole #16
Par 5/481 yards
Long hitters can fly the left bunker and reach the green in two. Otherwise, a second shot layup to the left portion of the fairway leaves a very short iron to this deep, triple tiered green.
Hole #17
Par 3/208 yards
A solid tee shot is required to clear the front bunker and the cree that runs diagonally in front of the green. Don't let the elevation fool you as this hole plays longer than it looks. Notice the ridge that divides the green. Try to place your shot to the same side as the pin is positioned.
Hole #18
Par 4/413 yards
The longest par 4 on the course makes a great finishing hole. Favor the right center of the fairway to avoid the bunker. The green is well guarded on the right with bunkers and water. A lofted approach shot is preferred to hold the green. Head for the 19th hole!!