Players Sheet
Southland Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 4/459 yards
You need a long drive here on this long, difficult par 4. It also needs to be straight. You will also have a long second shot in to this hidden but small green. Donít go long or youíll lose your ball on your approach. Avoid the right also, itís big time trouble. Welcome to Southland. Bogeys not a bad start, trust me.
Hole #2
Par 4/381 yards
The real challenge on this hole is the green. A decent tee shot over the pond should give you a short iron in. Middle to middle left on this fairway is the best spot. A tee shot to the right may stay on the hill and have a tree issue blocking out the approach. Notice the pin and stay below it. Any downhill putt on this green is almost begging for a three putt.
Hole #3
Par 3/211 yards
Depending on the tees you are playing, this hole is either tough, very tough, or Iím picking up tough. This straight down the hill par 3 gives you no real room to miss, and the pin locations can vary your club selection by two or three clubs. Even if you hit this elusive green, itís still quite a challenge to putt. Good luck!
Hole #4
Par 4/373 yards
A short but fun par 4. A tee shot to the left of the bunkers is all you need. If conditions are dry, most players should not hit driver. 3 wood or even long iron will do you fine. Though this green is pretty well protected, do not get too careful and end up short. There is a small but pesky creek in front that is famous for swallowing golf balls.
Hole #5
Par 4/351 yards
The uphill drive is a little deceptive, because most people will still have a short iron into this green, and the green lies well below the fairway. There is a bunker short of this green and trouble behind it so come up and check the pin position before hitting your approach shot.
Hole #6
Par 5/506 yards
A fun par 5 that requires some thinking more than distance. Best not to hit driver off the tee, and take the huge slab of granite in the middle of the fairway out of play. A mid to long iron will get you in good approach position, be aware there is a ridge in the fairway about 40 yards out that could give you some difficult lies so either hit short or long of that. The green is two tiered, do your best to hit to the correct one. Itís a pretty big tier weíre talking about.
Hole #7
Par 4/453 yards
Most feel this is the toughest hole on the course. I disagree (see hole #3) but itís a close 2nd. A long par 4 that simply dares you to reach the green in two (a bunker on the left of it) and then get the ball in the cup in two strokes (not easy on this tough sloping green). Sounds easy enough, right? Good luck.
Hole #8
Par 5/501 yards
This par 5 will soon change in nature, and will probably become a par 4. Until it does, play it conservative. A long iron off the tee is best for most golfers, unless you can boom it off the tee straight and then cut off 50 yards by aiming way left. It is hard to stop the ball on the fairway of this severe dogleg left hole, but if you do, youíll have a mid iron into this green. A safe tee shot down the hill, a short iron short of the creek and another short iron to the hole should make par quite attainable.
Hole #9
Par 3/162 yards
A very straight forward, relatively simple par 3. The green slopes a bit left to right so keep that in mind to avoid downhill putts. Missing long or right will leave you a difficult chip.
Players Sheet
Southland Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 4/385 yards
The theme of this hole: Up the hill. Your drive needs to go straight and fairly long. The rock outcroppings that dot this fairway should not come into play, but if they do they are considered in play and so woe is anyone trapped behind one. This green has a severe slope in it so be sure you stay on the correct tier.
Hole #11
Par 4/349 yards
This short dogleg right par 4 is best tackled conservatively. A fairway wood to the top of the hill is all you need to have a finesse wedge into this green. Middle to middle left is best for your tee shot but the rocks on the right side are (currently) considered ground under repair.
Hole #12
Par 3/176 yards
A great par 3. A pond in front adds the scenery, but itís the creek that runs in front and to the right of the green that supplies the danger. Pay close attention to pin location, itís a deep green, and the wind which likes to swirl here.
Hole #13
Par 5/498 yards
This par 5 is a bombs away type hole that really gives you a chance to score. A good drive to the right side (even off the hill perhaps?) will put you in ideal shape to go for it in two if you wish. If not, three decent shots should still get you in good birdie shape. For those who want to attack this pin, watch for the bunker on the left side of the green.
Hole #14
Par 4/381 yards
A par 4 that looks tougher than it really is. No need to get overly greedy here on this tee shot. A decent drive sent out to the right side of this fairway will give you a short iron into the green. Donít be too intimidated by the trees in front of you, the fairway is more open than you think.
Hole #15
Par 4/411 yards
This par 4 is similar to the last hole in that the tee shot looks more intimidating than it really is. A decently struck tee shot will clear the pond fine. The hole doglegs right, and though the temptation is to hit it right to make the hole shorter, left provides a better angle and it will be a pretty short iron in anyways. The green is quite deep and slopes hard back to front so keep your shot below the hole.
Hole #16
Par 4/417 yards
This simple par 4 has one rule off the tee. Keep your ball away from the right. The hole runs slightly left, but o.b. stakes are right off the right edge of the fairway and the ball likes to run right when hit near there. Otherwise, a simple mid to short iron approach to this large green.
Hole #17
Par 3/191 yards
Wow, this spectacular par 3 is beautifully framed by Stone Mountain behind the hole. Well, actually, a lake is directly behind this hole and so be careful not to use too much club on this long par 3. The hole plays slightly downhill but you still need a solid shot to get to the green. The green is very wide so getting on the green is still a tough par.
Hole #18
Par 5/512 yards
The signature hole of this course and one of the most fun par 5ís around. Your drive needs to be middle to left on this fairway, the huge lake all the way down the right serves as quite the intimidator. Your second shot if you are laying up needs to be well back of the green because water does cut in almost all the way across the front of the green. Beware however that the further left you go on your second shot, often the tougher the angle in on your approach. Finally, the green actually slopes towards the water so your final shot into the green, though short, is still no picnic. Some may choose to chance the lake and inlet to go for the green in two. The green is large enough to hold, but you better have all the conditions working in your favor. A little skill with the 3 wood might help too.