Players Sheet
Olde Atlanta Golf Club

Hole #1
Par 4/444 yards
Not many will think that the opening hole at Olde Atlanta is to easy. A long drive up the right side will afford the best angle into this green, which by its shape is more receptive to a draw.
Hole #2
Par 4/422 yards
Challenging the left edge of the fairway opens up the entrance to this medium length Par 4 but be wary of being to far left. if you miss and get below the fairway an awkward stance might preclude playing a high fade into the green.
Hole #3
Par 3/198 yards
A scenic hole across a beautiful natural ravine. Make sure you hit plenty of club as the right and rear surrounding areas slope down toward the putting surface and could help out an errant long shot.
Hole #4
Par 4/363 yards
The line that emanates out of the center of this green's largest opening almost bisects the two small fairway bunkers. The result is that the preferred position is always fairly close to one of these strategically placed hazards.
Hole #5
Par 5/511 yards
The safest way to play this reachable Par 5 in three shots is to bail out into the hillside down the right side, and let the slope deliver your 1st and 2nd shots down the right edge of the fairway. A tee shot that challenges the left edge of the fairway and the hazardous creek, however, affords the opportunity to fly or run a long second shot home.
Hole #6
Par 4/406 yards
On this downhill drive, it is important to hit it far enough to achieve a clear approach around the corner. The gently sloping portion of the fairway down near the creek and the lake provides a perfect lie for a high fade around the yawning green side bunker.
Hole #7
Par 4/375 yards
The preferred line off the tee is just to the left (or over) the bunker in the dogleg. Bail out left and you can have a longer approach to this elevated green.
Hole #8
Par 3/168 yards
This slight downhill shot requires accurate club selection to avoid the four bunkers.
Hole #9
Par 4/468 yards
The closer you can maneuver your drive to the small fairway bunker, the more you take the large green side bunker out of play. At any rate, be prepared to hit two goo shots if you want to get home.
Players Sheet
Olde Atlanta Golf Club

Hole #10
Par 4/415 yards
Only the straightest of drivers will want to pull out the big stick here. A deep grass depression on the right side will yield a difficult blind approach. Anything short or left will give a clear view.
Hole #11
Par 4/396 yards
The lake is reachable but only for a few long hitters (270 yards form the back tee). Hit it as far as you can then play a short approach to a green located close down to the water's edge.
Hole #12
Par 5/524 yards
Definitely as 3 shot hole for most. Longer hitters might consider challenging the diagonal cross bunkering short of the approach but could be well advised to lay up.
Hole #13
Par 3/185 yards
This green cries out for a high draw although it is accessible with a variety of shot shapes.
Hole #14
Par 4/386 yards
You must reach the elevated landing area if you want a reasonable stance and view of the green. This challenging two level green requires an accurate approach if you have birdie on your mind.
Hole #15
Par 4/430 yards
There are a series of ridges down the left side that require a carry off the tee if you want to be long and left, thereby opening the approach into this green. Avoid the deep hollow on the right.
Hole #16
Par 3/208 yards
Another scenic par 3! This mountainous setting is accentuated by a backdrop off the Chattahooche River corridor but do not let the scenery divert your attention from the tightly bunkered green that is more receptive to a draw than a fade.
Hole #17
Par 4/359 yards
The fairway bunker is strategic in that the best drive will always be within 10 - 15 yards of it. The uphill approach is probably easier from just left of the bunker.
Hole #18
Par 5/531 yards
A lot of matches will be won or lost here. A big drive will offer the opportunity to go for the green or the fairway across the lake. Go for it and succeed, a birdie- fail, at least a six. A classic par 5.