Players Sheet
Dogwood Golf & Country Club

Hole #1
Par 4/346 yards
Good warm-up hole. Allows for anything from driver to long iron off tee. Driver sets up short second shot. Keep drive down left side for best approach to green.
Hole #2
Par 5/470 yards
Slicers dream. Dogleg right par 5 that allows for a big left-to-right tee shot. A good drive makes this hole reachable in two. Green is elevated with a severe slope back to front. Keep approach shot below flagstick to take full advantage of this birdie hole.
Hole #3
Par 3/183 yards
Great down hill par three with creek in front and right of green. Make sure to take enough club. Green slopes right to left.
Hole #4
Par 4/313 yards
Dogleg right. Aim tee shot at fairway bunker on left with anything from driver to long iron. Elevated green makes second shot play club longer. Green slopes hard left to right.
Hole #5
Par 5/486 yards
Dogleg right. Aim drive to right of fairway bunker. There is more room right than appears from the tee. This hole is reachable in two for longer hitters. Otherwise, pay attention to hole location for approach to this two-tiered green.
Hole #6
Par 3/156 yards
Don't be fooled by this seemingly simple par 3. While short and down hill, the green is very small and slopes back to front. Forget about hole location and aim for middle of green.
Hole #7
Par 4/365 yards
Aim tee shot down left side to avoid fairway bunkers. Second shot is complicated by crowned, kidney shaped green. A short approach will roll back off the front of the green. However, this is preferable to the long approach, which will bounce over the back of the green leaving a near impossible up, and down. Play to the middle of the green.
Hole #8
Par 4/329 yards
Dogleg left. Aim tee shot right of big oak tree, setting up 100 yard second shot. Longer hitters can drive it over the corner of dogleg coming very close to (or maybe on) the green. Green is long and slightly elevated so make sure of hole location before hitting approach. Good birdie opportunity.
Hole #9
Par 5/509 yards
Big uphill par 5. Wide fairway allows you to swing away. Hole bends right, so aim tee shot down left side. Second shot should also favor the left side to set up ideal approach. Longer hitters will have a chance to get home in two. Huge green makes proper distance on approach a must.
Players Sheet
Dogwood Golf & Country Club

Hole #10
Par 4/306 yards
Elevated tee and green make for interesting hole. Long hitters are tempted to bust driver at the green, but bunkers and OB right make this a risky play. Better to hit an iron in the fairway to give yourself a short, uphill second shot. Green slopes severely back to front so you will want to keep approach below the hole. Good birdie chance here.
Hole #11
Par 4/352 yards
Par 4 with creek crossing fairway and a pond to the right. Decision time on the tee box. A well-struck, 225+ carry drive will carry creek crossing fairway and set up a short second shot. Most players will favor an iron off the tee, short of creek, and then hit a longer approach. Either way, second shot is all uphill to a green severely sloped back to front. Again, try to stay below the hole to avoid scary, fast, downhill putt.
Hole #12
Par 3/183 yards
183 yards, par 3. Pretty straightforward hole that always seems to play about club longer. Large green provides a good target.
Hole #13
Par 4/406 yards
406 yards, par 4. First of three toughest holes at Dogwood. Elevated tee box to tight fairway that slopes left to right. Second shot over creek to elevated green is made tougher by swirling winds in fairway valley. A long approach leaves a brutal up and down. Green slopes back to front.
Hole #14
Par 4/385 yards
385 yards, par 4. Probably the hardest hole at Dogwood, despite its #6 handicap rating. Very tight driving hole with woods left and right. Fairway is flat to 150-yard marker where it slopes dramatically uphill. Green is 40-50 feet elevated, requiring 1-2 extra clubs on second shot. Green is sloped diabolically back to front, and a putt from above the hole can easily be putted off the green, back down the hill into the fairway. Par is a good score here.
Hole #15
Par 4/411 yards
411 yards, par 4. Third in succession of Dogwood's hardest holes. Blind tee shot to a generous fairway that plays into prevailing wind. Second shot is over water to a slightly elevated green. Front half of green slopes hard toward water while back of green slopes away from player. Play to the middle of the green, take two putts and get out.
Hole #16
Par 3/169 yards
169 yards. Another straightforward par 3. Elevated tee box and green. Green is very large and slopes severely back to front. Tee shot needs to be the right distance as a putt from above the hole can easily roll off the green.
Hole #17
Par 4/418 yards
418 yards, par 4. Widest fairway at Dogwood that allows you to swing away on a hole that is deceivingly long. Elevated tee box to a fairway that slopes to a crown at 150-marker. Second shot is all uphill and plays about 1 club longer than normal. Another severely, back-to-front, sloped green that demands a well-placed approach. Again, a putt from above the hole can easily roll off the front of the green.
Hole #18
Par 5/489 yards
489 yards, par 5. Good finishing hole and only par 5 on back nine. Creek crosses fairway at 235 yards from tee box. Longer hitters can carry it and go at the green in two. A smart play is to lay up short of the creek and position your second and third shots to set up an ideal approach to the green. Fairway rises sharply from creek to green. Green is protected by bunkers that make the green seem closer than it really is. Make sure you hit enough stick as it plays about 1-2 clubs longer than normal. Good chance for a last hole birdie here if you play to your capabilities.