Players Sheet
Country Club of Gwinnett

Hole #1
Par 4/371 yards
A fairly straight forward par 4 that plays straight up the hill. The big concerns for you on this hole is clearing the lake on the drive and the death bunker that guards the front left of the green.
Hole #2
Par 3/194 yards
yards This long par 3 can be difficult to near impossible depending on the wind. Missing right is bad, but missing left is worse as a creek and bunker await you there. If you are going to miss, miss short. That will leave a simple chip to an open green that slopes back to front.
Hole #3
Par 4/354 yards
Rated the toughest hole on the course (no way, #18 by a landslide) this hole requires precision shots for a good score. Do not hit driver here because a long tee shot will feed into the ravine that cuts through the fairway near the green. A long iron will do you fine. The green has two tiers and slopes hard back to front on the left side.
Hole #4
Par 5/489 yards
A short par 5 that requires a precise drive over water and into a fairly tight fairway. The second shot goes up a hill and then back down to the green. If you miss right, you have to deal with trees and pine straw. If you miss left, you have to deal with turtles and fish. Hit it straight and you have a simple pitch to the green. There is a bunker on the left of the green for those that might be going for it in two.
Hole #5
Par 4/329 yards
A long iron off the tee is all you need here, because accuracy is more important than distance on your first shot. Off the tee, middle to middle left is okay because your ball will feed back to the right. Your approach requires precise distance control because if you go over this green, your golf ball is history.
Hole #6
Par 5/492 yards
yards A fun par 5 that requires a tee shot to go straight up the hill. Once you clear the hill, you have about 250 yards – all downhill – to the green. If you can keep your ball fairly straight, there is no reason not to go for it. Do not miss right, as trees and brush will keep your ball.
Hole #7
Par 3/161 yards
Depending on where the tees are, this hole can be fairly easy to extremely tough. Ironically, you want to hit over water, since that is the easiest shot to this green. If your tees are to the right, you will not hit over water to the green, but you will need an extremely straight shot to avoid trees on the right and water on the left.
Hole #8
Par 4/356 yards
A deceptive short par 4 that invites the player to keep a tee shot left to avoid the large tree that guards the green on the right side. However, this strategy is costly if you miss even a little left as the lake butts up against the fairway on that side. Keep your drive right to right middle and a short iron will clear the tree fine if need be.
Hole #9
Par 4/375 yards
This tough par 4 invites you to take as much off on the right as you’re willing to risk. Doing so will leave you a short iron in to this elevated green. Keeping your drive in the middle or left will leave you a longer shot.
Players Sheet
Country Club of Gwinnett

Hole #10
Par 4/391 yards
The sharp dogleg right plays downhill and most players should not hit driver, or they will roll into the creek. A fairway wood is fine and to the left provides a longer approach shot but better angle in. Do not miss this green to the right.
Hole #11
Par 5/472 yards
The shortest par 5 but maybe the most unreachable. A drive that hugs the left side flirts with o.b. but will cut off the most distance. If your ball comes to rest on the upper plateau, you will face another uphill shot of over 200 yards to a green that slopes very fast back to front.
Hole #12
Par 3/166 yards
A medium length par 3 with a wide but not very deep green. As straight forward a hole as you will find on this course. Just shoot at the pin and hit your putt.
Hole #13
Par 4/349 yards
This downhill par 4 invites you to rare back and let ‘er rip. Probably not a good idea. A large tree guards the green if you come in from the right side. A bunker traps those who miss the green short and left.
Hole #14
Par 4/352 yards
yards A short par 4 that requires good distance control off the tee. Long hitters must be aware of the bunkers at the end of the fairway just after the dogleg left. A drive must clear the dogleg to have a view of the green, which has trouble on the right side. The green slopes to the right as well.
Hole #15
Par 3/129 yards
One of the most devilish holes around. You can not see the bottom of the pin from the tee, so if you have time, go up to the green and look. A seemingly well struck shot may end up 40 feet short or long. Whatever you do, do not miss right.
Hole #16
Par 4/331 yards
Another example of accuracy over distance. You have a wide fairway, so go ahead and hit driver – just don’t get greedy and go too far left. There is o.b. over there and there’s no need. You will still have a short iron in no matter where on the fairway you end up.
Hole #17
Par 5/503 yards
Don’t hit your tee shot left or you will interrupt some poor family’s dinner. Otherwise a good tee shot will give you a chance to go for this green in two. If you want to lay up, this large green is an inviting target with a short iron, but be aware that the green slopes left to right so stay to the right of the pin if possible.
Hole #18
Par 4/459 yards
Gets my vote for hardest hole in Atlanta. Out of bounds left and right, a downhill lie awaits you if you hit a good drive to over 200 yards to an uphill green. Play it as a par 5 and you will win your group 90% of the time. Long iron off the tee, short iron over the ravine, short iron onto the green.